San Antonio 2017 Election

San Antonio will be holding its 2017 election on May 6. This is the first local election after the Nov. 2016 presidential election. While less voters typically turn out for midterm and non-presidential elections, all the San Antonio City Council seats are up for grabs, and 14 candidates are vying for to become the mayor of San Antonio.

There are just over 1 million registered voters in Bexar County. Pick a year from the drop down list on the left to compare just how many people voted in the last four elections. All data comes from the Texas Secretary of State website.

If you're a Bexar County resident, April 6 is the last day to register to vote and the process can be started at the county's Department of Elections website.

Why vote?

All city council seats are up for election on May 6 in San Antonio. While what city councilors do may seem boring or benign, they have more influence on your day-to-day life than the federal government.

Even still, city council elections draw much less votes than presidential or Congressional elections. Here are reasons to vote for your district city councilor:

Oversees city recycling and air quality.
Bring new industry and businesses to city.
Influences how to keep city and housing affordable.

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What to know who else is running?

For a full list of the candidates, visit the Bexar County Elections Page.

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